Spring has finally sprung in Victoria! It’s time to shed those layers and get out there to enjoy the explosion of blossoms that are all over this beautiful city! This is one of the best times of year to explore – the weather is warm but not too hot, tourist season hasn’t hit it’s peak yet, the sun is shining, the blossoms are out and the lighting of early spring has to be some of the best for getting great selfies! Whether you’re updating your social media page or just capturing some memories, a few great selfies are always nice to have on your camera roll. We all know that the background is almost as important as the camera angle and to help you capture that perfect selfie, we’ve rounded up our favourite selfie spots all over the city where you’ll find great scenery to compliment your smile! 

Fan Tan Alley

Arguably one of the coolest spots in Victoria is the historic Fan Tan Alley in Chinatown. This narrow retail alley is situated between heritage, red brick buildings with brightly coloured doorways to give you that edgy, urban backdrop. You can play with the perspective in this narrow space or pose in front of a funky storefront. At night, the alley is lit with red twinkle lights giving you a selfie with a cool, gritty, urban vibe.

Beacon Hill Park

This expansive park has so many areas to create a beautiful backdrop to any selfie and with so many different gardens, groves and paths to choose from you can find an infinite number of great selfie spots. Take a cool selfie in front of the marvellous totem at the south corner of the park near Mile 0, wander through the Garry oak grove and take a photo near one of these rare trees, or walk across one of the bridges over one of the ponds and take a photo of the idyllic pond and garden beyond!

The Empress

The Empress is one of the most prominent landmarks in Victoria with it’s soaring fairytale towers and gorgeous brick facade, and makes for an incredible place to take a selfie. Head onto the grounds of the Empress and use the brick as an artful backdrop, cross the street to get the elegant verandah and signage in the picture, head around to the side and take a selfie in the trellaced rose garden or have a fun time posing with the statue of Emily Carr on the corner of Government St. and Belleville St. If you want to get some interior shots, you can wander the hallways and take a few selfies while you’re looking around. For the best selfie spot inside though, you’ll want to pop in for a drink at Q bar where you’ll find a sumptuous and elegant bar and restaurant that is the ideal selfie backdrop. Want an indoor/outdoor post? Take a seat on the verandah and snap a selfie of you enjoying a glass of bubbles right in the heart of the Inner Harbour. I guarantee you’ll get a ton of likes if you post those on social media! 

The Parliament Buildings

Right next to the historic Empress is the equally historic and beautiful Parliament Buildings. Here, you can find the gorgeous fountain to take a few photos in front of or cross the street to get a wider shot of the beautiful white stone facade and turquoise domes. Head around the side of the building to find a small rose garden where you can pose in the colourful blooms or take a selfie at the ornate Ceremonial Entrance! 

Fisherman’s Wharf

This colourful houseboat neighbourhood is a popular spot for locals and visitors to visit in the warmer weather. It’s where you’ll find incredible food, great ecotourism and super friendly harbour seals hoping that you’ll drop a fry or two their way! When it comes to selfies, this wharf is a colourful and unique spot to find places to pose!  

Aboard a Water Taxi

The water taxis – or pickle boats if you’re a local – that you can find in the Inner Harbour are fun, economical and unique ways to get around the city! You can book tours, or just hop on and off to get to different harbours in the downtown area. Because you don’t need a life jacket, this is an ideal way to get a great selfie on the water without hiding your outfit or messing with your hair.

Vista 18

Vista 18 is one of the best restaurants in the city and has always been a reliable place to find incredible food in an elegant, laid back atmosphere. It also has one of the best views in the city as it is on the 18th floor of the Chateau Victoria. Make a reservation to enjoy the food and take a few selfies with the incredible view in the background!  

Ross Bay Cemetery

As one of Canada’s oldest cemeteries, Ross Bay is filled with the important people from Victoria’s history and the gravestones and family mausoleums are spectacular. If you love stark beauty and the macabre, this cemetery is a must for a visit and for a few selfies next to your favourite headstones.

Dallas Road

You can walk from James Bay all the way to the south of Rockland, on the Dallas Road seaside trail. It meanders past cliffs, near little coves and beaches, past the popular windsurfing area of Clover Point and through meadows. This entire path is a selfie-taker’s dream come true if you’re looking for an authentic, west coast, seaside setting. During sunny days, the Salish Sea sparkles and you can see all the way to the Olympic Mountains in the distance. 

Hatley Castle

Built by the son of a coal baron in the late 1800’s this European fortress-style castle is a stunning monument to Victoria’s past. Today it is used as the administrative offices of Royal Roads University, has been the set for many movies and TV shows and is open daily for tours through the building and gardens. The gardens are an immaculate testament to the Edwardian style of landscaping and here, you can find many different spots to take beautiful, romantic and stylish selfies.

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