Is Victoria the most beautiful city in Canada in the spring? Yes! We certainly think so!

Victoria in the spring might be the most beautiful city in the world. With the mildest climate in Canada, our springs tend to be early, warm, sunny and full of brand new blooms, not least of which are the stunning cherry and plum blossoms. Almost everywhere you go in Victoria, cherry and plum trees line the streets so that in spring, cumulus blossoms meet above the road, creating fluffy pink tunnels that scatter tiny fragile petals when the wind blows. Cherry blossom trees are ubiquitous in Victoria There are a few extra special places to see the Cherry Blossoms in Victoria floral phenomenon. 

James Bay

James Bay is a relaxed little beach village to the south of downtown. It is beautifully bordered on three sides by the ocean. A great spot to find little eateries, cafés and markets. It’s here that you can wander through the streets and see really unique heritage houses and some of the best Cherry Blossoms in Victoria. Because James Bay has its own microclimate, it is usually one of the first places in Victoria to bloom. Blossoms have come out sometimes as early as January! We’ve rounded up our favourite streets in this funky village to see the pink spectacle. 

Menzies Street

The stretch of Menzies St. that runs from the Inner Harbour, next to the Legislature to Thrifty Foods is a gorgeous walk through the blossoms. Plus, if you need to fuel your exploration, you’ll find Floyd’s Diner and Discovery Coffee on this street. 

Clarence Street, Croft Street and South Turner Street  

These residential streets are absolutely packed with cherry and plum blossom. Grab a coffee at James Bay Coffee and Books and take a little stroll! 


Just east of downtown Victoria is the vibrant, residential community of Fairfield. In Fairfield, you’ll find the bustling Cook Street Village, some of the city’s best beaches and parks and in the spring, awe inspiring blossom-lined streets.  

Beacon Hill Park 

Beacon Hill Park is one of the most popular and well known attractions in Victoria. With nearly 200 acres and a perfect mix of natural areas, well-tended flower beds, sports areas, playgrounds, ponds and footpaths, this incredible park has something for everyone who visits. In the spring, this massive park is brimming with plum and cherry blossoms as well as wildflowers and a multitude of cultivated flowers. 

Ross Bay Cemetery

This Victorian-era cemetery is a local heritage site and where many of Victoria’s founding members and famous citizens, including Emily Carr, are buried. It’s a fascinating stroll any time of year but when the blossoms emerge, it’s truly an experience.

Oliphant Avenue & Vancouver Street 

Oliphant Ave connects Cook Street Village to Beacon Hill Park and is a perfect way to amble out of the park and on to Cook Street where you can take a break at the Beagle Pub. Or if you aren’t quite finished your exploration, turn north on Vancouver St. There you can enjoy a long stretch of densely packed blossoms. Take a right turn on to another beautiful stretch of blossoms at Southgate St. This will take you back to the top of Cook St. Here you’ll find delicious food, sunny patios and friendly faces. 

Fairfield Road

Fairfield Rd. is the main thoroughfare from downtown into Fairfield and as such, it is a very long stretch of road. You can drive to explore it entirely. If you are in the mood for a walk, aim your sights on the five block stretch of Fairfield Rd. that runs from Cook St. to Moss St.   

Beechwood Avenue & Moss Street 

If you’re looking for a nice, long walk where you can see lots of blossoms and have a beach walk we have just the route for you. Take Beachwood Ave, a short little stretch of residential street. Beachwood Ave runs from Fairfield Rd. to Hollywood Cr. just two blocks east of Ross Bay Beach. Head West and you’ll find yourself on the Dallas Rd seaside trail. Turn right on Moss St. and walk back up to Fairfield Rd. A right on Fairfield Rd. will take you past the Ross Bay Cemetery. Continue on and right back to the top of Beachwood Ave. At just under 5 kilometers, this hour long walk is a great loop to do on a sunny spring day. 


Downtown Victoria is a very special place. Set right on the water’s edge, Victoria’s downtown is the perfect blend of natural beauty, forward thinking urban development and beautifully maintained heritage buildings. In the spring, urban flower beds abound with fresh blooms all over the city. The tree lined streets make it look like a city from a storybook. It’s here that you can escape the throngs. You’ll still have walkable access to some of the best restaurants, shopping and sightseeing in Canada. 

View Street

This popular street that connects downtown to Fairfield is a must see when it comes to blossom walks. You can get peek-a-boo views of the gorgeous local architecture through the branches on the stretch from downtown to Ormond St. that make for some stunning pictures. 

  1. Yates Street

Yates Street is one of the main thoroughfares into the city from Rockland and the stretch from Cook St to where Yates St. merges with Fort Street is alive with the vibrant blossoms we all love so much. Looking for a quick stroll? Grab a drink from La Dolce Vita and wander east, towards Rockland. 

  1. Meares Street 

Meares St. is a quaint little residential street that runs parallel to Fort St. from the edge of Rockland to the edge of downtown. While Mears Street may seem quite normal the rest of the year, during the spring the road is completely blanketed by blossoms. 

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