Luxurious and Fully Equipped Executive Accommodations and Vacation Rentals Since 2008

Checked in Victoria Vacations has been welcoming guests seeking vacation rentals and accommodations in Victoria since 2008.  Our principals have extensive experience in the travel, property management and real estate industries. This is an ideal mix and well suited to operating a company like Checked in Victoria Vacations. Vacation rental ownership and management is a natural fit for our combined experience.

Managing Director Deidre Langlois was born and raised in Victoria and has live most of her adult life here. Deidre can easily answer every question you may have about Victoria but also about many of the surrounding areas. Deidre loves to suggest activities from the best restaurants to the off the beaten path must see natural attractions.  Deidre learned the travel business from the inside out, going abroad for many years, travelling throughout Asia.  She then moved into the adventure travel sector as the owner and operator of Big Earth Adventure Travel. This company arranged tours to exotic destinations and specialized in such destinations like Machu Picchu, the Galapogos islands as well as African safaris.

With Checked in Victoria Vacations, Deidre now works to promote Victoria as a premier international destination. Victoria is an ideal location for travelers of all ages. Checked In Victoria Vacations is proud to offer outstanding accommodation options for individuals and families.

Victoria is a one of a kind destination for local and international travelers alike. Our site offers the finest in Luxury accommodations for the discerning traveler. You don’t have to look any further, you’ve found the best source for vacation rentals in Victoria. There is no better choice that Checked in Victoria Vacations.

It’s the little things that matter to us because we know they matter to you!

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