There’s nothing better than buying a bunch of bright, fragrant, fresh cut flowers on a sunny spring day. No matter where you decide to put them, fresh cut flowers are a wonderful way to brighten a room and bring the beauty of spring indoors. In Victoria, there are lots of incredible florists that can create stunning bouquets but if you’re willing to venture out, you can find one of the sweetest quirks of the South Island: the flower stand. Dotting the lovely, winding country roads all over the South Island, there are little flower farm stands where you can find the most incredible, fresh flowers. It can be tough to find these hidden gems, they won’t pop up on any map so we’ve created a list of our favourite stands to stop at for beautiful, local blooms!  

Twyla’s Flower Farm and Floristry – 4351 Blenkinsop Rd, Victoria, BC V8X 2C3

As a successful landscape architect, Twyla is passionate about plants. With a keen eye for the health and unique, aesthetic features of each plant, she has created some spectacular gardens for her clients all over Victoria. After moving to the farm, she started planting test and display gardens as well as a few veggie beds….then came the animals. Now this lovely little flower farm has flora and fauna and hosts workshops, provides floral arrangements for events and individuals and has one of the prettiest flower stands north of Victoria.

Super Happy Flowers – 1668 Foul Bay Road, Victoria, BC V8R 4Z9 

When Jill started growing her garden, she didn’t realize how successful she would be in growing gorgeous blooms. Soon, her garden was alive with flowers of every colour and buzzing and flickering with the busy lives of local pollinators. When her home became filled with her cuttings and she ran out of vases, she knew it was time to start sharing the beauty she had created, and she built a flower stand. In the spring, when the blooms start to explode, you can find some incredible bouquets at this little home flower stand. 

Raynham Gardens – 545 Brookleigh Rd, Victoria, BC V8Z 3K1

While you’re exploring Elk and Beaver Lake in Saanich, stop into this little flower stand for some marvellous spring blooms! This little hobby farm grows all their flowers and produce without the use of chemical sprays or fertilizers opting instead to use organic compost and chicken manure to produce completely chemical-free flowers and food! Not only can you find fresh cut flowers here but anything that is in season and fresh: eggs, veggies, fruit, rooted plants and even some succulents! Pop by and see what you can find! 

3 Sheeps to The Wind Family Farm – 1246 Greig Ave, Brentwood Bay

In Brentwood Bay just at the end of the driveway of the whimsically named 3 Sheeps to the Wind Family Farm, you can find a truly picturesque farm stand that offers some of the most thoughtfully arranged fresh-cut flower bouquets. For a great price, you can pick up some seasonal blooms and maybe browse their free book selection and see if they have anything else available! This little stand has been known to have eggs, fruits, veggies, herbs and even fresh meat for sale – this is a great spot to find herbicide and pesticide free, farm-fresh goodies!

Granny’s Farm – 1534 Burnside Road West, Victoria

On the residential road of Burnside, amongst the oak trees, you will find Granny’s Farm stand at the end of the farm’s driveway. With lots of space to pull into the stand, you can take your time here to browse all the goodies that this family farm has to offer. Fresh cut flowers are usually in abundance during the spring, and you’ll often find other lovely farm offerings and a few friendly faces as well! 

4255 Otter Point Rd. Sooke 

This lovely farm stand tucked away up the driveway of the farm offers visitors a chance to buy some incredible fresh spring blooms as well as browse a variety of the farm offerings! So, if you’re looking for farm-fresh flowers on your way back from a hike at East Sooke Park, make a little detour here and see if it’s your lucky day! 

4223 Metchosin Rd.

If you’re out in Metchosin and are looking for a spot to see if you can grab a few bunches of fresh flowers, this little farm stand is a must! Not only will you find magnificent blooms, but they usually have a mouth watering selection of homemade jams and jellies for sale! 

5991 West Saanich Road, Victoria

Along the picturesque country road of West Saanich, you’ll find this popular country flower stand at the end of the driveway of 5991. Here, you can usually find buckets filled with incredible flowers that are grown right on the property for a reasonable price. Grabbing a couple of bunches is sure to brighten your day! 

Heavenor Farm – 5983 West Saanich Road, Victoria

This farm stand is another gem that can be found in the beautiful Saanich Peninsula. This stand is a beautifully built little stand and offers visitors fresh cut flowers as well as locally crafted gifts, plants, fragrant eucalyptus cuttings, eggs and more! 

4878 West Saanich Road, Victoria

Just on the side of West Saanich Road, near Beaver Lake is a little stand on the side of the road with “Julie’s Bloomers” painted on the roof. Unlike the other stands that we’ve been to, this little stand doesn’t seem to be attached to any specific property which makes the origin of the flowers that grace this stand through the spring, summer and fall a bit of mystery. Regardless, this is a great place to check to see if there are any fresh cut bouquets that you can take home! Just don’t blink, or you’ll miss it! 

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