There’s so much to love about summer in Victoria. The sky is blue, the ocean is glittering, the city is bustling, and the smell of delicious food drifts in the air. From beach barbeques to burgers on a sunny patio, summertime food is celebratory food. But there’s one really fun culinary trend that has come onto the scene in recent years: food trucks. If food trucks make you think of ice cream trucks and slap-dash fast food, it’s time for you to dive in and try some food truck fare. It might surprise you, but food trucks are sometimes the best way to get high quality food, quickly and for a visitor to this stunning city, your time is precious! So instead of waiting too long for a coveted patio seat, simply check this handy food truck finder for each truck’s location and try some incredible food that the locals love! 

  1. Taco Justice 

If you love Mexican food, you just might love Taco Justice. Using fresh, locally sourced ingredients whenever they can, globally inspired flavours and a heaping tablespoon of fun, this hip taco truck makes tacos, burritos, bowls and nachos that are unique and delicious. For carnivores, try the mouth-watering Belly 2 Belly, pulled pork filling and for veggie lovers, their Deep Fried Avocado filling is decadently creamy. With gluten, dairy and cilantro free options available and refreshing drinks to order, this food truck is a great place to stop for fresh, unique, flavourful dishes.

2.          Deadbeetz Burgers – Beetrice Truck

Deadbeetz Burgers are one of the local heavy hitters when it comes to incredible burgers. Using fresh local produce and sourcing the best ingredients for all of their homemade burger toppings, this youthful, fun-loving burger truck is the place to stop whenever you’ve got a hankering for a great burger, on-the-go. There may not be a more delicious creation than The Dolly P. Tennessee – the bourbon bacon jam is edifying, and the Plain Jane cheeseburger is anything but plain. At this inclusive truck, the Cashew Chickpea burger or the Quinoa Queen are Deadbeetz’s deliciously decadent vegetarian and vegan options and they have a great kids menu so no matter what you are looking for, you’ll find it here! 

3.          Grilled to the Mac

Have you ever had the urge to create a grilled cheese sandwich with mac and cheese? If you said yes, this is the truck for you. Here you can actually get a Grilled to the Mac grilled cheese sandwich stuffed with mac and cheese! Not something you’re interested in? No problem! These cheese addicts offer mac and cheese and grilled cheese options separately as well. Try their Jalapeño Cheddar Mac to spice things up or a Mac Lorraine with local bacon and caramelized onions. Every one of their dishes is made from scratch using only local ingredients so you know it’s going to be delicious! Bring your appetite to this truck! 

4.          L’Authentique Poutine Burgers 

Owner and operator Sebastien grew up in Warwick, the city in Quebec where poutine was first created in 1957 and now, he’s brought the classic Quebecois dish to his new home of Victoria BC. A bit of a misnomer, this hard-working food truck doesn’t actually serve a poutine burger, rather they have a great selection of the Quebec classic as well as some really amazing burgers with a twist. If you’re new to poutine try the Classic Poutine in either large or small size and if you’re a poutine convert and want to try something new, the Montreal Poutine with Montreal smoked beef is incredible. If you’re looking for a really unique, carnivore first burger, the Mechant Burger with cheese, bacon and Montreal smoked beef is a real showstopper. 

5.          Greek On the Street

You might be on vacation in Western Canada but on a hot summer day, a trip to Greek on the Street will make you think you’re somewhere in Athens. Serving up fresh, traditional style Greek food, this truck will satisfy all your Mediterranean food cravings. For a light lunch or mid-sightseeing snack, grab a Spanakopita or Souvlaki Skewer with Tzatziki and Pita. If you’re looking for something more substantial to take to the beach or nearby park, one of their wraps or combination plates are perfect for a delicious, fresh and filling meal.

6.          Indecent Risotto 

With over 40 years combined cooking experience, Andrew and Sharon opened this cheeky truck to bring one of fine dining’s most delicious hidden secrets to street food: arancini. Sounds fancy, but arancini is just deep fried, stuffed risotto balls – second cousins to onion rings and mozzarella sticks and wow, are they delicious. Try a classic Four cheese with Arrabbiata Sauce or be adventurous and go for a Pulled Pork Ball with Agrodolce Sauce. This well-rounded truck also has sandwiches (the Cubano is perfection) and a salad bowl that’ll make veggie lovers very happy. 

7.          Finest at Sea 

While you’re in Victoria, you’ve got to make sure to eat as much seafood as possible and with Finest at Sea you know that you’re getting the highest quality ingredients. That’s because Finest at Sea is first and foremost a local business that provides high quality, 100% wild seafood using only sustainable practices. Restaurants and markets around Victoria use Finest for top-quality products, they have a storefront where locals go to get amazing products and a food truck that offers visitors amazing, fresh dishes. Try the incredibly satisfying Halibut and Chips for a classic seaside meal or be adventurous and order the BC Beach Oyster burger for something really West Coast! 

8.          Molly’s Fish & Chips

If you’re heading out to the beach near East Sooke Park or Esquimalt Lagoon, you’ll want to get that food truck finder ready to help you track down Molly’s! This Union Jack bedecked truck is exactly what it looks like – a real British chippy serving authentic British style fish and chips right out of a food truck on the west Coast. This simple menu offers a choice of cod, halibut or haddock, just make sure you order a side of the mushy peas to make it really authentic. 

9.          Kattia’s Kitchen

Looking for authentic Mexican cuisine? Look no further than Kattia’s Kitchen. Before moving to Vancouver Island, Kattia had years of experience as head chef and owner of her successful restaurants in her home country of Mexico and has since run successful restaurants here. With such an incredible following and loyal clientele, she decided to open a food truck that would bring her traditional recipes all over Victoria. Try the South Style Tamales or stick to the mouth-watering tacos and for dessert, take the plunge and order the ice cream burrito!

10.       Hullabaloo Coffee and Ice Cream 

While you’re out exploring beautiful Saanich, you should stop by the Red Barn market on West Saanich Road. Hullabaloo serves up handcrafted espresso drinks, lemonade, locally made ice cream and fresh baked goods. Need a treat and a pick-me-up? Get an Affogato – espresso poured over high-quality local ice cream or just order your favourite flavour and enjoy it in the shade. Either way, this truck is a treat! 

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