Victoria off leash dog parks! An amazing place to play! Where would we be without our pets? Our beloved furry family members are just that, family. And just like family, we need to make sure they’re happy and healthy. It’s so important to give them plenty of outside time. While there are lots of beautiful walks and lovely parks in Victoria, it’s always nice to find off-leash areas. Your cuddly companion can have a little more freedom to run and play with other pups! There are some awesome off-leash parks that are perfect to spend a sunny afternoon playing with your four legged friend. 

Alexander Park in Fernwood is a popular neighbourhood park with a great playground for kids and a fenced off-leash area. The walk through Fernwood is beautiful and calm. A perfect place for a nice stroll before you set them free to run. Plus, because it’s a popular spot, your pup is sure to make friends and have fun! 

Another great neighbourhood park is Oswald Park in the Oaklands area of Victoria. This pretty park has a huge, fenced off-leash area for all the neighbourhood pups. This is one of the few off-leash parks in the area which means there’s almost always a friendly dog or two looking to play!  

In the peaceful area of Rockland, you’ll find Pemberton Park. Like the other neighbourhood parks, this one is frequented by the neighbourhood dogs. You’re sure to find a friend or two to play with while you’re there. This off-leash area doesn’t have the same fencing as the other parks do. It’s important to make sure your pupper is a good listener! 

While you’re out and about exploring the Songhees Waterway with your furry pal, you should stop by the Songhees Hilltop Park for a little off-leash time. While the off-leash area is small, it’s a well kept green space in a low traffic area and is the perfect play place for smaller dogs.

Because of its size, facilities and central location, Topaz Park is one of the most popular parks in Victoria for both everyday use and events. It also has a huge off-leash area to let your dog run free. The area is large enough for an epic game of fetch. Perfect for those pups with tons of energy to burn!

By the Water

Victoria off leash dog parks by the water! Dallas Road is one of the most beloved trails in Victoria. A great place for a long ramble with your four-legged companion. What makes this walk even better though is that from the southernmost end of Beacon Hill Park at Douglas St. all the way to and including Clover Point Park is all a massive off-leash area. Victoria dog owners flock to this popular, well maintained area because it is away from traffic and your pup can go wild with so much space and so many new friends!  

Macaulay Point Park is a fascinating place to visit. Only made better by the fact that the park is leash optional! Here you will find a number of trails through the park, an oceanfront trail along the edge, old military bunkers, lookouts and defensive berms, some dating back to WWII! Because the entire park is leash optional it’s the perfect place to explore a little bit of Victoria’s history with your best furry friend! 

Thetis Lake Park offers visitors a number of trails around the lake and surrounding areas. Most of the park and trails are leash-optional but the sensitive ecosystems in the area require two and four legged walkers to stay on the trail. It’s important that your doggo is great off-leash. After your hike if your pup needs to get the zoomies out of their system View Royal Park is a short drive away and a perfect place to blow off some extra steam.

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