If there is one thing we can all agree on is that French fries are delicious. They’re a great side, snack, or appy, you can share them or grab them to go and there seems to be no end to the way you can dress them or dip them. Meat and cheese and gravy? Great! Just salt with a side of ketchup? Delicious. Double fried? Double yum! Here’s the thing though, no matter how you like your fries, they’ve got to be made well – crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside and substantial enough to be picked up and dipped without wilting. Everywhere you go will most likely have fries on the menu but there are a few places that really know their way around a potato so here’s our top ten list of places where you can find fries to absolutely die for! 

  1. Willows Galley Fish and Chips

It’s no wonder that one of the longest standing fish and chip places in Victoria is taking the top spot on our list – they really know how to make great fries. At this traditional British style fish and chip shop, not only can you get some of the best, classic fish, and chip combo dishes, but they also offer a pretty incredible assortment of take-out fries. If you’re feeling carnivorous, give the chili fries, classic or pulled pork poutine a try and for the traditionalist, you can order just a pain basket of fries.

2.          Brasserie L’ecole

The entire menu at Brasserie L’ecole is stunning, but the fries are so good I would be tempted to make a reservation just for them. Perfectly crispy and finished with parmesan, parsley, and truffle oil, these frites are parfait! 

3.          Part and Parcel

With “tasty eats and friendly peeps” this little restaurant has a fun, youthful approach to food and dining. While they don’t have a fries dish on the menu, the fries that come on the side of their sandwiches are absolutely incredible. With the right amount of crunch and seasoning, you’ll want to order some for the table as well! 

4.          Red Fish Blue Fish

While you’re walking around the Inner Harbour in Victoria, you may want to take a small detour to visit Red Fish Blue Fish, tucked away next to the Harbour Air Seaplanes office. Not only will you find some of the best and freshest seafood in Victoria but the twice-fried kennebec potatoes are just too good for words. Want to try something a little different? Order the knock-your-socks-off Jerk Fish Poutine for something totally unique and delicious.

5.          Little Jumbo

This cool speakeasy might be known for their incredible handcrafted cocktails and unique ambience, but the food at Little Jumbo is impressive. Their signature fries, topped with grana padano, herbs and sea salt served with a side of aioli are irresistible!  

6.          Blue Fox Cafe

As one of the most popular breakfast spots in Victoria the Blue Fox is known more widely for their eggs benedict than their fries, but we’re going to fix that! While you won’t find fancy frites or unique poutine twists on their menu, the pan fries that are served with their lunch options are incredible. Unlike the traditional deep fried method of cooking, the fries here are pan fried giving them a homestyle flavour and texture that is unique and so so good. 

7.          The Pink Bicycle

Year after year The Pink Bicycle takes a top spot for the best burgers in town, but that’s not all that they’re great at! Here, you can find three types of poutine, truffle fries, classic fries, onion rings and even mac ‘n’ cheese sticks – the Pink Bike is a must if you’re a fry fan! 

8.          Yalla

When you think about the array of delicious Middle Eastern dishes, French fries aren’t typically on the list. With an order of Yalla’s Hawaji Spices Fries, that’s about to change. Made with crispy kennebec potatoes, and served with preserved lemon mint yogurt dip, these fries are making a buzz all over town! 

9.          Chicken on the Run

For over 25 years, Chicken on the Run has been a local favourite for tender, perfectly seasoned chicken dishes, Chinese comfort food and incredible wedge fries. These crispy, puffy, potato wedges are delightfully decadent and perfectly satisfying.

10.       Ferris’

There is a reason that no matter what time of day it is, Ferris’ is always busy. With fast, friendly service and reliably incredible food, lunch or dinner at Ferris’ is always going to be great – plus the fries are awesome. Order potato or yam fries or get a mix of both on the side of your burger or sandwich and get an order for the table! Be sure to ask for some of their aioli, you won’t regret it! 

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