There’s no doubt that Victoria is a culinary destination from casual pub meals to out-of-this-world fine dining experiences, Victoria has it all. With more restaurants per capita than any other Canadian city, it’s no wonder people from all over the world rave about the incredible dining in Victoria. Here in the capital city, we’re known for being in-line with ethical and sustainable ways of living and with access to high-quality, local ingredients, the dishes here rival those of a city three times its size. Because Victoria dining is so focused on quality ingredients and healthy lifestyles, finding veggie-based meals that are delicious is pretty easy – especially when it comes to the old standby: the veggie burger. With so many dining options, we’ve taken the guesswork out of finding your next great veggie burger by rounding up our top ten favourites!

Photo by Deryn Macey on Unsplash
  1. Ferris’ Grill

Ferris’ is one of Victoria’s most popular restaurants. A favourite with the locals for their consistently delicious food, friendly service and great location, Ferris’ is also a vegetarian’s dream-come-true. At this long-standing favourite, you can find lots of amazing vegetarian and non-vegetarian options so you don’t have to convince your non-veggie friends to eat there and you can wow them with some truly delicious veggie friendly appies and mains. When it comes to veggie burgers though, Ferris’ hits the top spot on this list because their sunflower and flax seed patty is so satisfyingly crisp and moist without being crumbly or squishy. As a burger alternative The Falafel is another delicious hand held dish that is full of flavour and satisfyingly guilt-free. 

  1. The Pink Bicycle

The Pink Bicycle knows burgers. With 15 totally unique burgers this great little gourmet burger joint earns the #2 spot on our list because it has two options for fellow veggie lovers. The Portabella Burger, steeped in a basil and balsamic vinegar blend and topped with goat cheese and grainy dijon this is a delicious burger and while it’s not your typical vegetarian patty style burger, it’s a flavour experience that you’ll want to try! Their Vegan Cheeseburger, a spin on the classic, has a beyond meat patty topped with vegan cheese, the traditional lettuce tomato and onion combo and a vegan version of their signature pink bike sauce. Yum!

  1. Big Wheel Burger

With a totally new approach and a classic burger joint feel, Big Wheel Burger is easily one of the top burger places in Victoria. With pasture raised, hormone free beef, in-house, hand-made patties, high-quality cheese and dairy products, freshly baked buns and the highest standard of sustainability practices, Big Wheel is Canada’s first carbon neutral fast food restaurant. Plus with two unique veggie burger options, Big Wheel is a favourite with Victoria’s vegetarians looking for an incredible veggie burger. Love spice? The Nashville Hawt Chickpea Burger is the one for you. With a patty made from chickpeas, white and wild rice and russet potatoes, and  topped with chipotle aioli, this nutty, spicy, flavourful burger really hits the spot. The Yam and Black Bean Burger topped with garlic aioli is a great option if you’re looking for a more classic veggie burger and can easily be modified to fit a vegan diet! 

  1. Canoe Brewpub

Canoe is one of the most popular restaurants in Victoria. With a huge patio that looks out over the Upper Harbour, a huge menu and some of the most delicious in-house made beers on tap it’s a winner for every occasion. You’ll find quite a few vegetarian options here – the Nashville Hot Cauliflower is yummy –  and the House Garden Burger is a slam dunk. The chickpea patty topped with the classic burger fixings and their signature combination of chimichurri and lime aioli earns this burger a spot in the top five favourite veggie burgers in Victoria. 

  1. Bin 4 Burger Lounge

When it comes to the burger scene in Victoria, Bin 4 is a heavy hitter. This incredibly popular burger chain has three vegetarian options to choose from: Bin 32 – Ginger Soy Tofu, Bin 36 Mr. Bean and Bin 39 Plant One on Me. For a burger with a spicy Asian twist, try the Ginger Soy Tofu with fried tofu, sweet corn and jalapeno salsa, cilantro, sesame ginger drizzle, jalapeno aioli and butter lettuce. The Mr. Bean has a classic chickpea and black bean veggie patty topped with cilantro, almonds, goat cheese, curry aioli, butter lettuce, tomatoes and red onion. And the smoky, earthy flavours of the lentil and mushroom patty of Plant One on Me, topped with smoked gouda, tomato jam, and red pepper aioli is inspiring.

  1. Deadbeetz

This funky burger joint and food truck has a small but mighty menu that includes two surprising new takes on the classic veggie burger. For vegetarians, the Cashew Chickpea, a wonderfully nutty and filling patty is topped with fresh tomato salsa, spicy chipotle mayo and crisp lettuce. Vegans will be thrilled to find a truly vegan option here with their Quinoa Queen, a quinoa patty with house-made vegan mayo, crisp lettuce and in-house made dill pickles. Add a side of Root Vegetable Chips for a satisfying and healthy crunch to your meal.

  1. Rebar 

Located right in the heart of downtown Victoria, on the corner of Bastion Square, is Rebar, one of the first restaurants in the city to focus on offering healthy, veggie-first comfort food alternatives. Today, Rebar is still one of the top places for vegetarians and vegans to find delicious, healthy dishes. Rebar’s serves up some big flavour with their Almond Burger topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, sprouts, tangy pickles and spicy pico de gallo. Make it a cheeseburger and add swiss of monterey jack or opt for mushrooms or avocado, or all three! There are so many ways to customize this burger, but one thing is for sure, you’ll be totally, healthily, sated. 

  1. Smith’s Pub

At this cool little pub you’ll find some friendly staff, great music, local craft beer on tap and delicious food. On a warm summer evening, the Smith’s Pub patio is a wonderful little oasis from the hustle and bustle of downtown and it’s here you can find the cheekily named Meat is Murder burger. Perfect for vegans and vegetarians, this burger is topped with bean sprouts, red onion and tomato, finished with vegan mayo and a toasted bun. 

  1. Be Love

Be Love might be a vegetarian restaurant, but it’s so much more too. Everything on their menu is carefully created to make sure their guests get the very best whole food that nourishes mind, body and soul. Almost all of their ingredients are organic, plant based, locally and mindfully sourced and everything is wheat, gluten, dairy and processed sugar free. That means that everything that is used at this conscientious restaurant is at its freshest so you get the very best in every bite. Their veggie burger patty is always changing but topped with their lacto-pickles, farm-fresh lettuce and tomatoes and on a potato milk bun, this burger is one that’ll make you feel really good. 

  1. Logan’s Pub

This long-established local favourite plays host to some of the best musical talent in Victoria and beyond. Locals flock here to hear great music and eat classic pub food. If you’re a vegetarian, pubs can be daunting, not knowing if you’ll be able to find something you can eat – not a Logan’s. Here you’ll find a great in-house made veggie patty flame grilled topped with spring mix, shredded carrot, beets tomato, red onion and garlic aioli. If you’re in the mood for something a little different, try their veggie dog! On a Portofino pretzel bun, with red onion and mustard, this veggie dog is sure to hit the spot.

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